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Selectel Wireless offers affordable prepaid plans to all its subscribers. Additionally, you get the best network, roaming, and best prices for value. At Get It Right, we offer Selectel Wireless setup for cell phones and landlines in Arlington, TX, and the surrounding areas.

If you’re looking for a top phone service provider that offers the best prices, a reliable network, and no annual contract, Selectel Wireless is your best choice!

Why Choose Selectel Phone Service?

Reliable Network at Unbeatable Prices

Learn how Selectel Wireless stands out from the competition:
  • Selectel Wireless plans can provide calls, texts, and data add-ons to create a custom plan designed just for you! The best part is that you don’t have to worry about the commitment to a contract!
  • Selectel offers customers the choice and freedom to bring their device and an array of plans as low as $15 a month for unlimited texting and 100MB of data.
  • Selectel’s unlimited data plans include Mobile Hotspot.

National Roaming Coverage Available

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At Get It Right, we help you get the most out of technology, ensuring you get a reliable network and good coverage in Arlington, TX, or the surrounding areas. We’ve partnered with Selectel Wireless to offer just that! You can learn more about their specific plans and products by clicking here.

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